SHL's 2018 Global Assessment Trends Report
SHL's 2018 Global Assessment Trends Report
The Global Assessment Trends Report is an indicator of talent management and assessment practices, giving HR professionals a comprehensive view of how organizations around the world prioritize, measure, and evaluate talent and talent programs.
This year’s report includes the results of an online survey conducted in late 2017 with data from 3,135 human resources (HR) professionals from companies headquartered throughout the world. The report focuses on organizations’ talent management and assessment practices. The report was last produced in 2014. Relevant comparisons to findings from 2014 are made throughout the report to compare and contrast practices over time. Additionally, relevant comparisons between respondents are presented in regard to geographic regions, economic strength, and status as a recognized leading organization.

The report focuses on three areas:
1) the changing nature of work and related implications for organizational strategy and talent management
2) the increasing importance of talent data in the future
3) the current and planned usage of talent assessment tools.