Why Use 360° Feedback
Why Use 360° Feedback

In a fast-changing world economy organization should constantly evolve and develop to remain competitive. In order for an organization to develop, its people need to develop as well. And in order for people to develop it is necessary for them to get to know their strengths and areas of development.

360° feedback is a method through which individuals rate themselves and receive anonymous structured feedback from managers, direct reports, peers, colleagues, and customers, measured against the organization’s key competencies.


“More than 85% of all the Fortune 500 companies use the 360°  feedback process as a cornerstone of their overall leadership development process.”

In this context, the 360ο  Feedback:

• Increases Self Awareness: Provides the person with the opportunity to learn how their colleagues evaluate him/her, thus leading to a more realistic view of his/her work performance. In this context, the participant better understands the needs and expectations of the people with whom he/she works.

• Clarifies Behaviours: Focuses on specific behaviours rather than general criteria definitions. This also leads to concrete, focused discussions when presenting the results in order to accurately identify the areas to be developed and ways to strengthen them.

• Helps on the design of Training & Development Programmes: Increases understanding of the behaviors needed to improve individual and corporate efficiency and thus encourages commitment to the on-going learning and development process of individuals.

• Promotes Dialogue: Increases the level of communication within organizations where being open to giving and receiving feedback is legitimate.

• Gives a Balanced View: Due to the feedback from many different sources of assessors, the reliability and objectivity of the measurements, the fairness and the acceptance of the results by the participant is increased.

For many of our clients, 360° Feedback is critical to their leadership development and succession planning decisions:


Evalion’s 360° Feedback Online Platform

Our automated/online 360Feedback platform constitutes a quick, flexible and reliable process of assessing executives’ behavior based either on Evalion’s Competency Framework or on organizations' specific competencies. Furthermore, we support a wide range of training courses from design and selecting appropriate competencies, through to feedback delivery.

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