Hellas EAP

Hellas EAP is the company that introduced the Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to the Greek business sector and the only company in Greece, which provides the EAP programs as a core activity. The founder, brings more than 45 years of international work experience in the field of EAPs, behavioral managed care and rehabilitation mental health services. All services are aligned with the international standards, ethics and protocols of the Employee Assistance Profession, according to the International and European ΕΑΡ Associations. Utilizing a variety of scientific tools and methods, delivering innovative programs based on the global and local trends and retaining an affiliate network of skilled professionals in the behavioral sciences and the workplace dynamics, all together make Hellas EAP the most credible solution to obtaining a competitive advantage through increasing the productivity and performance of the human capital. Hellas EAP serves more than 90 Greek and multinational companies, while the number of employees and their family members supported by Hellas EAP through the 24/7 Support and Crisis Line, exceeds the 200,000 lives in Greece and Cyprus. It is Preferred Provider in Greece of the largest Global EAP companies in USA, Europe, Great Britain and Canada. The implementation and adaptation of the international EAPs to the Greek working culture by Hellas EAP, has been recognized worldwide as Best Practices, with the top international recognition, receiving the EAP Quality Award in October 2017, in Los Angeles, USA.


Psycholate is an online psychometrics solution provider. Combining professional knowledge of business psychology coupled with sophisticated technology, our team is passionately devoted to developing online psychometric tests and questionnaires, providing our partners with improved psychological assessment procedures, with the use of advanced technological solutions. We conceptualize, design, formulate and develop software platforms that are easy to customize, in order to create a professional, ready-to-market product. With professional knowledge and academic background in business psychology and psychometrics as part of the assessment procedure in the corporate environment, as well as and more than 10 years of working experience in the field, Psycholate can support the development of robust and sound, in terms of psychometric properties, occupational assessment tools. In cooperation with HR consulting agencies around the world, apart from the providing the technological solution, Psycholate can also act as a consultant – academic advisor, as well as support the automated generation of feedback reports which can inform both an interview proccess and a participant’s professional development. Since December 2016 Psycholate is an ISO 27001 certified organisation, which means that the company follows and complies with the ISO standard processes and procedures with regards to information security management.
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