360 assessment

360o feedback or assessment is a process of collecting and assessing job-related behavioral indicators (i.e., in relation to competencies). These are collected simultaneously and from multiple levels of the organization, incorporating views from different types of an employee’s co-workers (manager/s, colleagues, direct reports etc.). The analysis is complemented by the individual’s self-assessment.

This process enhances the individual’s self-awareness and demonstrates their needs for further development or/and training.

Overall, the 360assessment: 

  • provides employees with the opportunity to find out their co-workers’ views about them, sorted by category/hierarchical level
  • focuses on specific behaviors rather than general definitions of competencies
  • increases understanding of the behaviors that are necessary for improving individual and organizational efficiency
  • enhances communication within the organization, by legitimizing giving and receiving feedback due to the feedback from many different sources of assessors, it increases reliability and objectivity of the measurement

Our automated/online system of 360assessment constitutes a quick and flexible process of assessing executives’ behavior based either on our universal competency framework or on organizations' specific competencies.


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