SHL Personality & Ability Assessment
SHL Personality & Ability Assessment

Why should I attend?

This program is for those who use ability tests and personality questionnaires in the selection, management, and development of employees, including HR professionals, recruiters, and training and management development specialists.


Our curriculum begins with initial pre-course work to build key skills and knowledge. Then, learners participate in two days of professionally facilitated classroom training to practice new skills through individual and group exercises. Once the training is completed, participants are given post-course activities to embed their learning into everyday work. Participants then receive ongoing access to learning, workshops, and support to help them sustain the change in the organization.

  • Learn pre-course e-learning
  • Practice two days of professionally facilitated classroom training
  • Act post-course e-learning to support ongoing, work-based activities
  • Sustain ongoing access to e-learning, workshops, and support tools

Personality and ability assessment program provides an intensive curriculum that teaches the theory and practical application of SHL Verify range of ability tests and SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ). The supportive learning journey provides an engaging learning experience to help your teams identify the right assessments to use, from our industry-leading portfolio, and apply the findings to make effective, efficient talent decisions.

Participants will be equipped to:

  • Evaluate and select appropriate ability tests and OPQ reports.
  • Interpret and provide feedback on ability tests and OPQ profiles.
  • Understand how to apply SHL OPQ in selection, development and team building.
  • Implement best practice assessment processes, and link SHL OPQ to the competencies key to business
  • Apply for registration with the British Psychological Society (BPS) as a certified user of ability and personality instruments (having accomplished all the training requirements).
  • Access to the free OPQ Practitioner follow-up workshop with focus on using the OPQ for development


  • Embed best practices in talent assessment selection.
  • Better inform your talent decisions.
  • Enhance the impact of your assessment investments.
  • Reduce the risk of improper or ineffective assessment use.

Empowering your company to:

  • Identify the best talent.
  • Improve development programs.
  • Reduce recruitment cost.
  • Increase hiring effectiveness.
  • Decrease time to hire.
  • Enhance hiring manager satisfaction.
Duration: 2 days + 5 hours of online pre-course.

Cost: 1,000 € / Participant (a 15% discount is applied to the initial cost for the second and each additional participant from the same organization).

 “I had little knowledge of [assessments] before and have not had experience using them in my current role. I feel that this has certainly laid a good foundation for me to start using [assessments] effectively, and it has given me the confidence to recommend using the questionnaires and tests with my hiring managers.”
Course Participant

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