Structured Interview Skills (Virtual)
Structured Interview Skills (Virtual)

When evaluating people for selection purposes, it is important to know whether the candidates have the required skills in order to perform in a specific position, as well as the extent to which they can adapt to the team and the culture of the organization. Given that the use of objective assessment procedures in human resources management ensures a fairer, more effective and profitable employee selection method, it is important that interviews for selection purposes are conducted in a systematic and structured way, in order to constitute an accurate and useful tool in the assessment process.

Additionally to the candidates’ biographical information, structured interviews can also focus on the evaluation of competencies that are essential for employees of the organization (competency-based interview). Through that approach, information that is directly related to the selection criteria set by the organization will be derived in the most scientific way.

Seminar Objectives:

  • Know the different interviewing approaches – biographical, competency based, situational – along with their advantages and disadvantages
  • Determine Person’s specifications based on the job description
  • Recognize and use basic interviewing skills; purpose, preparation, attention (verbal and non-verbal behavior), activation (questioning techniques), structure, overview, control (based on short practical exercise)
  • Conduct comprehensive and structured competency based interviews
  • Categorize and evaluate information that they gather from interviews and reach a valid and objective decision (based on short practical exercises)
  • Identify ways to reduce prejudice in interviews
Due to the COVID-19, the training is delivered virtually.
Duration: 3 days - 5 hours per day
Cost: 750 € / Participant (a 15% discount is applied to the initial cost for the second and each additional participant from the same organization). 
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