SHL-Unconscious Bias Workshop
SHL-Unconscious Bias Workshop

For every 1% increase in gender and racial diversity, there is a 3% and 9% sales boost respectively.

The Unconscious Bias Workshop provides delegates with an understanding of what bias is, why
it occurs and what impact it has. Just knowing about bias is not going to improve the diversity within organisations, companies need to act on it to make a difference. This training course looks at best practices and alternative processes in the world of recruitment, appraisal, and development.

The workshop provides practical suggestions for reducing the opportunity for bias across all elements of the employee lifecycle and highlights the importance of subtle messages in the work environment.


Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Clarity on what unconscious bias is, how subtle it can be and the impact it has

  • Understanding of the financial and other benefits for organisations of reducing unconscious bias and increasing diversity

  • Ability to recognise the challenges of managing unconscious bias and what can be done about it within the organisation

  • Learn about practical suggestions of how to reduce unconscious bias by removing it from organisational processes that have a direct impact on individuals and the bottom line, such as recruitment, appraisal and employee development

  • The importance of subtle messages and personal accountability


  • Understand unconscious bias – what it is and why we all have it
  • Learn about the day-to day impact unconscious bias has on organisations
  • Understand the business case for reducing bias
  • Practical suggestions for reducing unconscious bias in recruitment, appraisal and development
  • Action plan that HR and managers can follow to reduce unconscious bias

Participants receive certification from SHL.

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